Manual Cube sugar machine
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GDH Packaging
Manual Cube sugar machine We are producing manual cube sugar producing machine,Capacity 3Ton,4Ton,6Ton. Our machines are guaranteed for 2 years.It is completely made in Turkey

Manual Cube sugar machine’s tonnages vary according to the desired sugar production size. Sugar is poured into the bottom silo first then it is poured to the top silo via the coil. Sugar is moistened there by the mixers. The moistened sugar goes then to the presser. The sugar poured from the mold is moved by the white belt to the chrome belt where it continues to the heaters and then to the coolers where it will be ready for packaging. Finally the machine vacuums and packages the product. All surfaces in contact with the sugar are rustproof according to the 304 quality standards. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information and pricing about this machine.

We have 3 kind of cube sugar making machine: semi automatically,semi automatically R type and full automatically machine. We sold our machine to many countries of the world. You can produce all dinensions of cube sugar  in our machines

GDH Packaging
GDH Packaging
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GDH Packaging
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GDH Packaging
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