Scale Filling Machine
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GDH Packaging
Vertical packaging machines suitable to make bags starting from a flat foil reel, combined with linear weighers. Suitable to pack granular products (short pasta, coffee, rice, legumes, dried fruit, candies, cereals, biscuits, snacks, pet food, deterg
  • VERTICAL FORM form fill, seal machine with 2 linear weigher

  • Optimal combination of mechanical and pneumatic system in the main mechanism of the machine enables perfect result with low energy and air consumption.
  • Using Servo in the filling system of the machine enables more precise weights. (Screws will be manufactured for required weights).
  • Remote controls such as bag length and adjustment,photocell remote, heat and filling timing,.etc. are designed in easly accessible positions the control panel.
  • Operating the machine has been eased with PLC system and touch screens.
  • Machine has three side stitching system. It also has “GUATRO” packing system ıf required.
  • Compatible with various filling system.
  • Simple and user friendly machine.
  • Low maintenance and low operating cost.
  • Barcode and expiration date print equipment
  • Indication of set temperature and actual temperature of sealing surfaces
  • Filler options: Auger, Volumetric cup, Liquid pump, Net weight scale
GDH Packaging
GDH Packaging
Scale filling machine
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